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Why issue management for BIM?

In any construction project many unexpected issues arise, which are hard to keep track of. With the use of BIM in projects, issues can be communicated digitally using open standards such as BIM collaboration Format (BCF). Using BCF files helps, but you eventually end up with an unmanageable number of files and versions. How do you know what is communicated with whom and with which file? And generic issue management systems lack the key aspects vital for multidisciplinary construction projects.

That is why we created BIMcollab Cloud: an easy-to-use and powerful issue tracker in the cloud dedicated to BIM. Issues in BIMcollab Cloud are directly linked to positions and objects in your model, accessible via web browsers or directly from your BIM application.

Imagine issues linked to positions and objects in your model. All the information at hand to lookup, create and solve issues. BIMcollab Cloud's issue management offers a structured way of storing, sharing and managing issues. But most important: you have the information where it's needed: directly within your BIM tool. 

Connect BIMcollab Cloud with the tools you rely on

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  Vectorworks BCF Manager Bexel BCF Manager BCF Manager Power BI Connector  
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  • Issue management

    BIMcollab Cloud centralizes all the issues of your project and offers a clear up-to-date overview, intuitive functionality and insightful reporting features. Never let any issue slip away. 

  • Cloud based

    You only need an internet connection and web browser to setup a project team. Start logging issues from behind your desk or by taking pictures at the construction site.

  • Communication

    Simplify communication. Set deadlines to issues, assign them to team members, who directly get an email notification. Or choose to receive a daily or weekly activity overview.

  • Connecting BIM teams

    The Autodesk BIM360 integration provides BIM teams access to models stored in BIM 360 Docs, directly from the BIMcollab web application. Team members can review the federated model, create issues or review existing issues without the need for uploading files to a secondary repository or installing a model viewer. The integration is part of our Connected Plan.

    More about our Connected Plan

  • Shared viewpoints

    The camera position is saved with the issues in viewpoints so you can zoom to the right location in your BIM modeling application with one single click. IFC object GUIDs even take care of highlighting the right components. Resolving and reporting back was never that easy.

    Your data is safe

    Secure your project data by granting access rights, or use private issues. BIMcollab runs under SSL and all sensitive data is encrypted at rest in our database. Your data is backed up daily, safe and securely stored in our ISO certified data center

  • BCF 2.1 file support

    You can use BIMcollab Cloud even with a BCF file-based workflow when your BIM application offers no direct connection. The export and import supports BCF files up to version 2.1. Just start by uploading all your project's BCF files, and we take care of sorting and combining the commented issues.

    On-premise version available

    When you need to have full control of data security or your projects require that the data is hosted on privately owned servers we offer an on-premise version of BIMcollab Cloud Enterprise.

  • No more finger pointing

    BIMcollab Cloud keeps track of all the activities and changes, providing you with a complete and transparent audit trail. No more finger pointing about who should have done what.

  • Improve your productivity

    Add projects, users and team members. Define milestones, labels and areas. Create also non-BIM issues for to-do lists and add photos for visual support. Use favorites to create on the fly presentations for meetings.

  • Track your progress

    Simple and illustrative graphs offer instant insight into the workload and progress of your team. Your personal home page also shows the latest project activities to start your work. 

Formalize approval of issues

An important part of your BIM issue management is to allow responsible team members to review and approve the work done. BIMcollab Cloud brings a new and unique way of dealing with the complex process and responsibilities in a multidisciplinary BIM team: allow team members to approve issues before they can be closed.

Several workflow features and settings support this approval process in a simple, unique and innovative manner. Team roles include a special Reviewer role who can only comment and approve issues. Team members who are Viewer, can only view issues. 

  • Clear workflow

    Use one of four roles to define team members' rights. Additionally assign project- or area owners to receive new issues or define who needs to approve issues. 

  • Reporting

    Create reports of issues or activity-lists in PDF and XLS. Set up filters or select individual issues. Private Issues can easily be hidden for presentation purposes.

  • Flexible imports

    Import and merge issues from BCF files or any Excel based issuelist you currently use. Or import lists with team members to setup your team.

  • Power BI Connector

    Connect BIMcollab Cloud with Power BI and load BIMcollab data direct into Power BI. The connecter is plug and play and does not require any coding.

  • Plan, manage & track BIM issues faster

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