Create floorplans in 2D & 3D with ease

Floorplanner is the easiest and best-looking way to create and share interactive floorplans online.

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Draw your floorplans fast & easy

Nothing beats a floorplan in giving a clear view on a property. With Floorplanner, drawing floorplans becomes a breeze! With our intuitive editor you can have your first floorplan ready in minutes.

Decorate your rooms with 1 click

Use our Auto-furnish feature to furnish your plan with a few clicks or pick furniture items one-by-one from our library that has over 150.000 3D models to choose from.

Create stunning images within minutes

Whether you need images of your floorplan for marketing purposes, building work, or just because you love to hang your floorplan design on the wall, with Floorplanner you can easily create stunning images!

Project Levels

Floorplanner has 4 different project levels for it’s creators. Each new level unlocks higher presentation and exporting capabilities. From standard definition and unlimited free projects, all the way to super photorealistic exports with lifelike textures and materials - see what each level can unlock for you!

Level 1 : BASIC

Level 1 is our Free starting level for casual use. It is the entry level for free users on floorplanner.com or via the white-labeled roomplanner within an enterprise account. These projects are limited to only one design but within this design users will have the full functionality of our drawing tool and can make use of all libraries. Level 1 projects allow exports in 2D and 3D but are limited to a lower SD resolution (960x540 px).

Level 2 : PREMIUM

Level 2 is the default for professional use. All 2D & 3D exports are minimal in HD resolution (1920x1080 px). You will also have multiple floors and designs. This level also provides export to other platforms or fileformats like .FML

2 credits per project


Level 3 offers users the option to publish a plan using our interactive viewer or our spaceplanner. You can embed the interactive floor plan within any website so visitors can see the plan in interactive 2D and 3D. This level also adds 3D Tours to the export options. You can easily create an interior fly-through from each camera you set - or use your directional keys and mouse to move around freely. Then you can present the tour in a separate viewer or even show it on a VR device like Oculus Go.

10 credits per project


Level 4 will add photorealistic renders to your export options. These renders are created with NVIDIA's Iray technology. These renders take a bit more time to process but can result in lifelike images with realistic lighting and materials. Great for interior design projects that need just a bit of extra!

25 credits per project

Account types and pricing

Account Types




Fee € 19,95 mo € 99,00 mo € 499,00 mo
Credits included per month 30 mo 150 mo 800 mo
Prices per extra credit € 0,75 € 0,65 € 0,60
Account benefits Custom logo
+ 3 team members
Pro benefits
+ custom furniture
+ unlimited members
Business benefits
+ branded roomplanner
+ API key

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